September 9, 2004 - Birmingham
Welcome. Come on in, the water is lovely. This is my website and I shall be periodically updating it while I am away travelling so that you all have something to read when you want to avoid work for a few minutes. A big thank you to Rich Lawley for setting up this website. I'm sure I wouldn't have got round to sorting anything out on my own.

Well, I don't have much to say right now, mainly because I'm still in the UK. But, for those interested in such matters, here is my itinery. I doubt that it will change, but rest assured that if it does you committed (not in the mental health sense) people will be the first to hear of it.

September 10 2004 - Fly London to Bangkok, British Airways BA0009

September 30 2004 - Fly Singapore to Cairns, Australian Airlines AO7862

October 14 2004 - Fly Cairns to Ayers Rock, Qantas Airways QF0989

October 16 2004 - Fly Ayers Rock to Sydney, Qantas Airways QF0727

October 28 2004 - Fly Sydney to Christchurch, Qantas Airways QF0045

November 20 2004 - Fly Christchurch to Auckland, Qantas Airways QF4118

December 10 2004 - Fly Auckland to Nadi, Fiji, Air Pacific FJ0410

December 18 2004 - Fly Nadi to Los Angeles, Air Pacific FJ0810

December 18 2004 - Fly Los Angeles to London, British Airways BA0282

Well, that will have to do for a first update, except to say I've no idea why Australians feel they don't need to use a "U" after a "Q". Fools. All of them. Except for those I meet when I'm over there. I'm sure they'll be great. Anyway, have a great few months without me. Try not to cry too much. See you all at Christmas.
Posted on 09/09/2004 12:00:00